Please refer to gym notice board or reception for more info. Each class is one hour unless marked (**) as a shorter, 45 minute class.


Focused on stability, flexibility,  corrective core strength, posture and alignment. This class will improve functional strength, help with everyday movement and assist in injury prevention.


Train at a professional fighter intensity. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced our boxing and fight fit conditioning sessions accelerate your fitness and boxing skill sets to the next level. Designed for boxing enthusiasts.



A fast paced circuit that combines strength and cardiovascular training to help increase endurance and strength.


A High Intensity indoor Interval Training workout that features explosive high impact movements and heart pumping aerobic circuit training. Designed to burn fat and improve athletic capability.


Using modern day boxing techniques, skipping, focus pads, bag combinations and drills this fitness circuit will help build and improve core strength, endurance and stamina.


A combination body and free weight circuit, barbell and pin-loaded machine strength training. Learn corrective training techniques and increase your physical strength as you make serious gains.


Using  free weights, Thera bands, suspension trainers, dynamic and functional movement patterns such as twisting, bending, pushing, pulling, lunging and squatting are executed in a FUN and creative way. You will walk away feeling more confident and ready to take on daily activities with more energy. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to create a total well rounded program.



See consistent results while burning high amount of calories and improving your cardiovascular endurance in our stationary cycle class. It’s an invigorating sweat, with different rides includes but not limited to intervals, strength, split rides, race day, combo and verity.


Based on Max Interval Training. From burpees, kettle bell swings, tire flips, rower interval, to prowler pushes your body will turn into a calorie burning machine!


The One Stop Body Shock where you will find yourself immediately locked into this high intensity workout. A combination of cardio, boxing and martial arts skills are used in the class, providing a total body workout which aims to improve strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

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