Proud owner of Fit to Go Moses Yemi Adepoju (Yemi) is a top athlete, sportsman, coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer with a reputation for helping clients achieve outstanding results.

Previous Director/Owner of Bayside Bodies, Yemi sees Fit to Go as a perfect environment for continuing his powerfuland inspiring range of sports and fitness programs.

Yemi's love of sport started early. He played junior basketball, achieving a place in the Victoria junior team five years in a row. As a teenager, he won a scholarship which enabled him to gain national and international experience. During this time, he was a Melbourne Tigers Development Player, a Victorian Representative Player and was included in the Under 16 Australian National Team. The training and coaching he received cemented his desire to coach others to achieve peak performance and optimum health and wellbeing.

No stranger to helping and inspiring others, Yemi's family founded Care Africa, of which he is now co-Director. Care Africa runs a range of community support programs including an African Youth Mentoring Program which aims to connect African-Australians in South Eastern region of Melbourne with their communities, schools, employment, and further studies. Yemi uses his mentoring and coaching skills to inspire and encourage young refugees and is also Ambassador for 3 Towers, which provides a range of multicultural youth programs.

Yemi has also worked as a lead health carer throughout Melbourne’s public and private hospitals, which included work with those working with injury and disability and the elderly. Yemi has an extensive knowledge of nutrition, is a qualified massage therapist and gained international experience through Athletic Training in USA, which is the equivalent to Sports Science. It is no surprise that he graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness achieving 'best in year' before embarking on a career as Personal Trainer, training a wide range of clients including AFL and elite basketball players through carefully designed development programs and camps.

Passionate about training individuals of all ages and ability, Yemi has helped children learn to focus and achieve, assisted numerous women to lose weight (many over 30 kilos), nurtured women through gentle but effective pre- and post natal exercises and helped numerous sporting and fitness enthusiasts achieve outstanding results, often way beyond their expectations.

As well as heading up the Fit to Go team, Yemi is currently a Division One Men's Player and Under 18-2 Boys Rep Coach with McKinnon Basketball Association, where he helps members improve their fitness and strength in the gym, including the Big V Men's program with their pre-season fitness training.