Yemi is a passionate fitness fanatic with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Privileged to be coached and educated by elite coaches in his professional sporting career, he discovered a unique and effective method to optimum health and fitness. 

His mission is to help clients through Pre and Post injury rehabilitation, muscular and postural imbalances/weaknesses, weight loss, strength training and improve general fitness goals. Yemi has a high focus on teaching clients good technique to optimise their results and maintain a safe exercise prescription.


In 2015, after extensive studying and training in strength & conditioning and nutrition, with this skills and knowledge, Yemi created his own specialist program, using the sustainable and safe techniques to create rapid fat loss and body transformations. He since been educating Fit to Go clients on importance of a sustainable and realistic health approach.

Fitness is about improving your quality of life. “It should empower ones physical, mental, and emotional, wellbeing”.


Specialty Areas:


·        Body Transformation Coaching 

·        Strength & Conditioning 

·        Athletic performance/ development 


yemi adepoju


Cem Deniz, AKA Jimmy, is one of the most sort after martial arts trainers in Melbourne. Jimmy’s credentials are second to none recently winning the WCFC K1 World Championship Title and going the distance with Saenchaí, considered the greatest pound for pound Muay Thai fighter in the world. In 2020, Jimmy made his successful boxing debut as he looks to build on his impressive resume later in the year.

Jimmy’s success in the ring has translated seamlessly into his group and personal training sessions. The unique focus of his classes are designed to train people at all levels the technique and form of Martial Arts in a controlled environment. Jimmy brings energy and creativity to his sessions ensuring all his students work hard, learn to execute the skills correctly, all whilst smiling and having fun.  

Testimonials from current students –

Classes are never the same and always interesting. Jimmy makes everyone feel welcome and brings people out of their shell with his vibrant personality. I initially joined for the cardio, but l now have boxing skills too! - Cuby

The best boxing class in Melbourne. Jimmy connects well with all his students ensuring they are learning, training hard and having fun. – Jason   

Specialty Areas:


·        Boxing

·        Kick-Boxing 

·        Muai Thai 

Boxing and Personal Trainer

Cem Deniz


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Personal Trainer