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BRIDE/ GROOMS - Fitness Package

Are you ready for change?


  • Reduce Body Fat

  • Increase Lean Body Mass 

  • Reduce Inflammation 

  • Boost Energy Levels 

  • Improve Nutritional Knowledge

If you’re looking for a program that covers all aspects needed to drop weight, tone the body and boost energy levels then this is it. Our successful Body To Go program will not only see you experience a dramatic physical change but you’ll also go on an emotional journey. A journey which will be challenging, confronting, fun, emotional and physically exhausting but at the end you will break through all that self-doubt to where you will find self-belief, empowerment and an appreciation of self-love.


Our program educates participants on the importance of the following:


  1. Important exercise fundamentals for weight loss and strength gains

  2. The most effective training methods to burn body fat and build lean toned muscle

  3. Critical nutrition tips to maximise exercise gains and boost energy levels

  4. Most Importantly, we will share in our passion for health and fitness and find out why we love this style of training so much and how we can make exercise enjoyable

Body To Go is designed to enrich your health and fitness, empower and educate you with better knowledge of health and wellbeing and unite you with like-minded fitness people, sharing the same journey. Our program is life changing and created to build sustainable habits that are enjoyable and realistic.

I want you apart of my fitness community. I want to coach you in a journey of self-discovery, accomplishment, barrier barking triumphs.  So ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? Training together in pursuit of your physical best, whilst being a part of a supportive, positive and motivating result based community, I want you ask health questions, share your transformations to motivate each other and network with a group of like-minded individuals. I’m going to ADD REAL VALUE to your LIFE, by reducing body pain, improving posture and functionality and mobility whilst loosing UNWANTED BODY FAT %, or making you LEANER and STRONGER. I’m committed to providing you with tonnes of useful information via social media video, ebooks and YouTube. My methods are simple, practical, sustainable and attainable.


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