meet the director

Why Body Building?

It’s only been very recently that I’ve been able to clearly answer that question.

I see it as an endeavour of self-improvement, discipline, and personal development and growth.

To be able to objectively critique yourself, set goals for improvement and set up your day to day plan to reach that goal – through nutrition, exercise and relentless desire.

Overall, to display something magnificently unique that is truly your own, my body is my canvas to Life and my story.


What bodybuilding has given me is much more than a physique. To me, being a bodybuilder has saved my life. It goes deep beyond the aesthetic appeal. A strong, well balanced physique is the artistic culmination of all the years of  sacrifice, patience, discipline and hard work you have poured into it – and that is why I build my body.


Strength & Performance Coach


Being someone who specifically coaches or trains an athlete to improve on their strength in all facets of life – physically, psychological, emotionally – is truly a rewarding experience. It continues to excite me to work with someone and watch the transformative process they go through from the novice athletes into the elite athlete.


Whether they are in a competitive sport or not, I consider all of my clients athletes. It’s not just the increase in raw strength and performance development of the physique that motivates me. The focus and dedication required to be able to continually progress in maximal physical strength has to be nurtured in the same way you would any elite athlete. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to provide that nurturing to those who come to me. From life experience as an professional athletes, and experienced first hand.


Since starting in this industry many years ago I have personally sought out the leaders in their respective crafts – from bodybuilding, nutrition, strength & conditioning training, business and personal development. I recognise and appreciate the power of mentors and your immediate circle of influence. As such, I am continually making the effort to not just learn from those around me, but to provide as many opportunities to those around me to learn from my teachings.

Who Am I?


Allow me to get all existential on you.


I’m a man who’s passionate about empowering change to ones life. It doesn’t matter in what area – physical strength and performance, education, business growth and expansion, relationships and bonding – I crave it. 


This relentless pursuit of enrichment is what has lead me to where I am now.


Countless hours under the bar, inside a book, seeking out mentors and throwing myself into the deep end to continue to hone my skills and expand my knowledge base. Like anything, it comes at a cost – The mistakes in life. The missed opportunities. The injuries. The failed relationships. But these are all lessons.

And these are all my motivation for improvement.


I’m a student of life who wants to find the best. Who wants to be the best. Who wants to provide the best. In all aspects of life. Enrich lives , empower communities & unite as one.


I’m a Body Builder.

Yemi is a passionate fitness fanatic with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Privileged to be coached and educated by elite coaches in his professional sporting career, he discovered a unique and effective method to optimum health and fitness. 

His mission is to help clients through Pre and Post injury rehabilitation, muscular and postural imbalances/weaknesses, weight loss, strength training and improve general fitness goals. Yemi has a high focus on teaching clients good technique to optimise their results and maintain a safe exercise prescription.


In 2015, after extensive studying and training in strength & conditioning and nutrition, with this skills and knowledge, Yemi created his own specialist program, using the sustainable and safe techniques to create rapid fat loss and body transformations. He since been educating Fit to Go clients on importance of a sustainable and realistic health approach.

Fitness is about improving your quality of life. “It should empower ones physical, mental, and emotional, wellbeing”.


Specialty Areas:


  • Body Transformation Coaching 

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Athletic performance/ development