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Group Fitness
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Extreme Fitness

1. Indoor / Outdoor Fitness

Express Train

2. Overall Tone & Shape

Weight Circuit

3. Strength & Conditioning

4. Stationary Cycling
Cardio Dance
5. Dance for Fitness
Beginner Box
6. Skip, Box, Bag, Pads
Boxing Rounds

7. Boxing Circuit Training

Kick Boxing

8. Fitness & Technique

Brawl Sparring
9. Ring Work
Things to know about group fitness...
  • Arrive Early – First timers at least 15 minutes before a class begins. Classes start on time.
  • What to Bring – Hand towel, Water Bottle, Yoga Mat, Hand Wraps (Martial Art sessions).
  • Suitability – Yes! There are sessions that are suited to all physical abilities.
  • Vibrogym – Vibrogym sessions are for 30 minutes. Each session must be booked in advance.
What are the benefits of Fit To Go classes?
  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Energy
  • Increase Flexibility 
  • Build Strength & Endurance
  • Increase Tone & Shape
  • Increase Self-Confidence

VirborgymFit To Go Vibrogym Hours:
Mon - Thu 6am - 8:30pm. Fri 6am - 7:30pm. Sat 7am - 2pm.

Vibrogym sessions are for 30 minutes. Call 03 9555 2365 to book a session.

All Vibrogym sessions must be booked in advance.

VibroGym works by rapidly vibrating up & down. The vibrations create a reflex contraction of the muscles that produces higher levels of muscle activation than can't be achieved in normal exercise.

Research shows that 15 - 30 minute workouts on the VibroGym deliver equivalent benefits to 45 – 60 minutes of conventional training.

Benefits include:

  • body toning,
  • accelerate fat loss,
  • reduce cellulite,
  • flatten the abdominals,
  • create muscle relaxation,
  • improve circulation & flexibility. 

Clinical Research has proven that VIBROGYM can reduce cellulite by 25.68%                 

VIBROGYM with Cardio can reduce cellulite by 32.30% IN ONLY 24 WEEKS!

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